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The Tokrex Foundation backs innovative software companies, transforming the financial ecosystem. Focused on blockchain technology (DLT) and artificial intelligence.

Who we are

In 2017, introduced a universal, decentralized trading protocol that today serves the largest OTC brokers and dealers in the digital asset markets. The Tokrex Foundation was founded in 2018 with the aim of further expanding the Tokrex ecosystem. Today it is the financial backend for Tokrex-related operations. In 2018, the Tokrex Foundation made strategic investments in the areas of OTC trading, blockchain-based repro transactions and liquidity providing of digital assets. In 2019, the Tokrex Foundation diversified its portfolio to include cloud computing and artificial intelligence. The Tokrex Foundation holds key license rights and technologies that are of great value to the Cashless Society area.


The Tokrex Foundation is a non-profit organization to support its members and portfolio companies. Reserves are used to support research and development of new technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and the digitalization of financial assets, as well as to expand the Tokrex ecosystem.


We are fully committed to contributing to the wellbeing of people and our beautiful nature. The Tokrex Foundation is a member of "1% for the planet" and 4Ocean.

Revolutionized the OTC and multilateral trading industry!

Tokrex TLQ is a cryptographic trading protocol that is used for bi- and multiliteral real-time transactions of digital assets. It allows peer-to-peer transactions without counterparty risk. Today the technology serves the largest OTC brokers and dealers in the digital asset markets.

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OTC Dealers & Brokers
Kraken (a Payward company)
Circle (a JP Morgan & Chase company)

Events & Remarkable

Chicago, USA
Meet Tokrex in Chicago @ OTC Roundtable. CORA is a non-profit community for the crypto OTC industry. Details.
Tokrex Foundation acquired Multi-Dealer-Platform specialist: MrGekko
MrGekko entered the crypto market in 2014 and offers professional multi-dealer platforms. The company is firmly anchored in the liquidity industry. MrGekko integrates the Tokrex protocol and extends its offer to OTC transactions and the inter-exchange market. MrGekko & BTC China. MrGekko Homepage.
Deutsche Börse (XETRA) and Commerzbank kicked off stock tokenization.
The German Bundestag creates legal clarity for blockchain transactions in the financial industry. Deutsche Börse (XETRA) and Commerzbank kicked off first stock tokenization. Details.
First blockchain-based repro transaction: Deutsche Börse (XETRA) and Commerzbank moving ahead.
Germany's leading stock exchange (Deutsche Börse, XETRA) and Commerzbank have settled the first blockchain-based repro transaction. Details.


Tetiana Bespalova
Foundation Director, CFO

Tetjiana is the director of the Tokrex Foundation. She is responsible for the budgeting and planning of investments and the analysis of budget control as well as the strategic annual financial planning. Another task is the examination and justification of investment projects for investment decisions. As CFO at Rompetrol, a multinational energy company, Tetjiana was responsible for business process modeling and budgeting. She was also responsible for creating financial models and valuing potential investment properties. Prior to joining Rompetrol, Tetjiana held senior management consulting positions as a senior auditor. She is an avid crypto enthusiast.

Thomas M. Mayer
Chief Strategy Officer (Tokrex Foundation)

Tom is a senior computer scientist and has worked for the software industry since 2004. Tom has been involved in blockchain technology (DLT) since 2011. Prior to Tokrex, he worked in various areas of cybersecurity technology for international companies and banks. He focused on secure computer systems, cryptography and cryptosystems, secure communication systems, network intrusion detection, random number generation, security architecture, and steganography. He is the founder of the Tokrex protocol.


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